Reports surfaced earlier Wednesday claiming the Cleveland Browns offered their two first-round picks, No. 12 and 19 overall, to the Tennessee Titans for the second pick.

Despite what appeared to be a concrete report, Cleveland’s management insists that no formal talks have actually occurred. Browns’ general manager Ray Farmer spoke with NFL Media’s Andre Kremer after the report came out. Farmer reports that he then began playing phone tag with Titans’ general manager Ruston Webster. This is what Farmer reports happened when the two finally spoke at about 11:35 a.m. ET.

Farmer questioned Webster (via

What are you hearing in the draft?

Farmer, who claims he has spoken with all other 31 teams, reiterated that he and Webster never discussed specific players or compensation consisting of draft picks. He called such reports “unsubstantiated.”

Farmer further commented on the situation:

Yes, of course, things remain fluid and you always have to listen. When you get needy, you get desperate. We aren’t either.

Kremer also talked with head coach Mike Pettine separately, inquiring if the team drafted Marcus Mariota would that indicate that Cleveland has given up hope for Johnny Manziel.

Pettine answered with this:

Yes, I agree, that’s what it would indicate.

However, both Pettine and Farmer claim that they have not lost their faith in Manziel, who they selected with their second first-round pick last year.

We didn’t draft him to sell jerseys or tickets but to be a top-notch quarterback. His career didn’t start out the way we wanted. We had to hit the pause button and we have reset. I’m not ready to give up on him.

Now that we are all totally confused with this conflicting news, whose side are we buying? Thankfully, the draft kicks off Thursday and all plans, plots and the drama will finally be revealed.

Knowing that all of this news boils down to where Mariota will land, you have to wonder the anxiety he is experiencing right now.

Photo: USA Today