The Jacksonville Jaguars possessed the third overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, eventually selecting quarterback Blake Bortles.

Unable to improve its record on the field this past season, Jacksonville now boasts the third overall pick once again in 2015. This also gives general manager David Caldwell more flexibility to potentially trade down in the draft.

Caldwell elaborated on the possibility of moving the Jaguars first-round pick (via

We had no margin for error these last two years. I think this year we could be more open.

I would expect some calls. But as you guys in the media know, you pick everything apart and some of the quarterbacks may fall just like some of the quarterbacks predicted to go high last year fell to the late first round. So you don’t really know what other teams’ value is.

If the Jaguars are interested in moving the third pick, there could be some interest in the selection should one of the two top quarterbacks find their way past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans in the draft. Some quarterback-needy teams may be inclined to trade up for Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota should that happen.

Caldwell discussed that there are some general managers who like to make calls ahead of the draft. Then there are teams like the Buffalo Bills, who made last-minute panic calls in order to trade up for Sammy Watkins last year.

It would be ideal for the Jaguars to trade out of the third spot and pick up a first-round pick in 2016. In this, Caldwell seems to be considering the possibility of upgrading at a position of need on defense while helping the Jaguars add to their roster in the coming years.

It will be interesting to see if Caldwell’s phone rings off the hook following this bit of news.