Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo continued a growing trend on Sunday after throwing the game-winning touchdown against the Detroit Lions. It’s a little thing called “Romoing,” not to be confused with “Kaepernicking.” Yeah, we have reached this point in our lives, guys and gals.

In Romo’s honor, fans have been photographing themselves in this pose.

We’ve got Dez Bryant Jr. cheering on a Romoing sibling.

This is pretty hardcore. That pose doesn’t look very comfortable, especially for a guy if you know what I mean.


Romoing at work, why not?


Stopping traffic to get your Romoing on, ok.

Romoing contest? My vote is for the dude that looks like Michael Phelps with the makeshift No. 9 on his back.

Even the media is doing it.

Is the girl in the upper right Romoing on an MRI machine??


Aerobics while Romoing. Does anyone still do Aerobics?

Forget the “Discount Double Check” and make room for “Romoing”. The big game between the Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers takes place this Sunday. One team will be celebrating with their quarterback’s moves while the other goes home crying.

Who will dominate?