Seattle Seahawks’ saftey Earl Thomas arrived during Thursday’s media access period wearing a bandage on his arm.

The bandage was due to a random HGH test that the NFL requested of him.

As we can tell from Thomas’ tweet, he wasn’t too happy about the required test. Standing up for Thomas, another Seahawks player told ESPN that lots of players are mad about this testing.

We are being treated like criminals, tested like people on parole.

According to the NFL, the HGH random testing program chooses six players from eight randomly picked teams per week. The random testing for HGH doesn’t happen as often once the postseason ends.

Regarding Thomas’ separated shoulder, coach Pete Carroll believes that Thomas should be fine for the game on Sunday’s big game.

Thomas also shared information about his injured shoulder.

I’ve come so far I feel so much better. Each day, it’s surprised me because this is my first time with the injury and you don’t know what to expect. It has been just positive results from the trainers. They’re doing a great job with me.

Despite being bent out of shape by the random blood test, it appears Thomas is going to be playing near top form.