2015 NFL Schedule to be Released Tuesday Night

Though NFL teams have known their future opponents since the end of December, they do not know the order in which they will face them. That will all be made clear shortly, however. The league (via NFL Network) announced Monday that the 2015 NFL schedule will be released at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday.

A three-hour show on the NFL Network will dive into the schedule’s intricacies in-depth. Of note should be the order of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ opponents, given that they have the toughest strength of schedule based on 2014 win-loss records. They also have the greatest chance of opening the season against the Super Bowl-champion New England Patriots in the league’s first game of the year on Sept. 10 in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Otherwise, the Patriots could host the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Rex Ryan’s Buffalo Bills, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Philadelphia Eagles or Washington in the season-opener.

Not to be outdone, ESPN will also be committing at least three hours of programming across its networks to the schedule release, according to Adam Schefter. Though the mere act of releasing a schedule of games seems like a light news item, it’s one of the NFL’s biggest events of the offseason. And however silly it may seem to commit so many hours to parsing the 2015 schedule, viewers will tune in. The NFL is a big business after all, and it draws eyes when anything happens.

At the very least, Tuesday night’s schedule release is further confirmation football will be played again, which does provide some comfort for those of us whose fix isn’t allayed by NBA or NHL playoffs or early-season baseball.