Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has ceased to remain quiet as it relates to the possibility that a NFL team will return to his city in the near future, opened up a huge can of worms over the weekend by indicating that it is “highly likely” that a NFL team will be calling Los Angeles home in 2015 (via SF Examiner).

If this story sounds familiar, it should.

Back in October, we ran a similar story with Garcetti providing the exact quote he gave this past weekend. 

The only difference here is that we are inching closer to the end point. With all the logistics needed to move a team from one city to another, a decision has to be made at some point this month, at least behind the scenes. Considering that there are multiple meetings between the league’s 32 owners taking place this month, some focusing on relocation, the timeline surely does work here.

If Garcetti’s views are the same as two months ago, that’s good news for proponents of a team moving to Southern California within the next year.

Unfortunately for those individuals, The Walt Disney Co. CEO Michael Eisner threw some ice water on the fire. The executive, who is a special adviser to Garcetti, has been working hard behind the scenes to lobby the NFL into a move to Los Angeles. Eisner had this to say about the potential of a team uprooting to North America’s second-largest media market.

It’s not my decision,” he says. “At the end of the day, it’s not the mayor’s decision. The owners decide.

And that’s the crux of the matter here. If the owners are committed to a team moving to Los Angeles, it will happen. If not, this will be yet another disappointing teaser for a region that has been without NFL football for the past two decades.

As has been reported ad nauseam here and on other sites, the St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders are the two likeliest Los Angeles-based teams moving forward.

Photo: NY Post