As one of the most underrated players in league history, former Washington Redskins linebacker London Fletcher was seen as a true leader on the Skins’ teams he played for from 2007 until he retired following last season.

He also played under current Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett for four seasons in Washington. So to say that Fletcher has a working knowledge of his former coach wouldn’t be going out on a limb.

Appearing on CBS Sports Network’s That Other Pregame Show, Fletcher had this to say about Haslett (h/t the Washington Post).

Why does Jim Haslett still have his job as a defensive coordinator after five years now of just ineptitude at the defensive coordinator position? He’s clueless as a defensive coordinator. He lacks attention to detail. He lacks feel on how to call a game. Some of the calls he used to call when I was playing were head-scratching. They were so bad, I used to change them, like, ‘We’re not running that.’ And we’d get off the field and he would ask, ‘Why did you change the call.’ (I would say), ‘Because that’s just a dumb call. That’s why I changed it.’

For years he has always made excuses. One minute it was ‘We’re changing from the 3-4 and we don’t have the right personnel.’ Next minute it is salary cap. Next minute it is Mike Shanahan. Next minute it is injuries. Mike Shanahan recognized early that this guy does not know what he is doing. And he tried to help him out….And what does Jim Haslett do? He threw [Shanahan] under the bus just like he throws everybody under the bus, players and coaches included.

Tell us how you really feel, Mr. Fletcher.

There could be some hard feelings based on Haslett’s decision to remain the defensive coordinator for a new coaching staff under Jay Gruden. Then again, Fletcher could be speaking a whole bunch of truth here. He was among the most respected defensive players in the NFL during his extensive 16-year career.

Washington’s defense ranks 27th in scoring this season and finished 29th in that category last year.

Photo: USA Today