Since Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver Josh Gordon has returned from his suspension, things have been quite shaky between him and quarterback Brian Hoyer.

Gordon had some comments to share about his trouble to connect with Hoyer over the past couple of weeks (via Plain Dealer).

I was supposed to make an in-cut. The interception was on me. I ran the wrong route.

I know in my mind I’m not where I want to be, because I’d like for it to be just second nature and for me to not have to think about it. I’d hear half the play in the huddle and still know what to do. But it’s not like that right now so I have to compensate and study a little more than everybody else. I’m playing catch-up. I’ve got a long way to go to be where I want to be.

Gordon has been targeted more than any other Cleveland receiver since his return, but the chemistry between he and Hoyer has been off. The latest display was in the Browns’ last game against the Bills where Gordon ran the wrong route that led to a costly interception.

Over Gordon’s two starts, he has racked up plenty of yardage with a 195 receiving yards so far. However, he has only caught 15 of his 29 intended passes. All fault surely doesn’t lie with Gordon though, as Hoyer doesn’t always display his best accuracy when pressured to pass the ball.

Nevertheless, the clock is ticking for Gordon to catch up. He and the team face a tough offensive opponent in the Indianapolis Colts Sunday and if the Browns don’t win, the chances of them making the playoffs are slim. Additionally, if Hoyer starts to falter the Browns could certainly place Johnny Manziel back into the mix. This would be another learning curve that Gordon would have to adjust to really quickly.

Photo: USA Today