Well then.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady admitted in a Q&A session with reporters on Wednesday that he probably touches his centers’ butts more than their wives. Centers is plural here because the Patriots have two players at that position competing for the starting job in the form of  Dan Connolly and Ryan Wendell. 

Here is what Brady had to say to the Patriots official website (h/t CBS Sports).

I’ve got confidence in those guys,” Brady said, via the team’s official website. “I love both Dan and Wendy. I love those guys. They work so hard. The center-quarterback relationship is a pretty special one. I’ve got my hands on their butts probably more than their wives, so it’s a pretty unique trust and relationship you have.

Brady could ask offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels to go with the shotgun this season in order to avoid some awkward situations between the centers’ wives and the quarterback. I don’t know about you, but my girl (don’t actually have one), wouldn’t be too happy with other guys touching my butt more than she does. But I digress.

In a fabulous comment provided on CBS Sports’ website, a reader chimed in.

Would you want that hand touching you after it has been touching a 300-pound offensive lineman for three hours?

Courtesy of The Big Lead
Courtesy of The Big Lead

No word yet on whether Gisele has chimed in.

Photo: USA Today