New York Giants running back David Wilson, who suffered a “burner” in practice last week, has already been ruled out for the 2014 season and there is a chance that his career could be over. 

A first round pick out of Virginia Tech back in 2012, Wilson underwent spinal fusion surgery on his neck back in January. The hope was that he’d be able to return to full health this season and challenge for the Giants starting running back job. Those hopes have now turned into worries that Wilson may never suit up for a NFL game again.

After a battery of tests were conducted on Monday, Giants team doctors decided it was in Wilson’s best interest to shut him down for the season.

Wilson missed the final 11 games last season after suffering a neck injury, which as we pointed out above, forced him to undergo surgery following the year. These types of injuries are taken seriously around the league, further indicating that Wilson’s career may very well be over.

Update: It appears that Wilson is moving on from his football career.