We all needed some good news right about now. Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, who has been battling cancer for some time now, appears to be cancer-free right now. According to Kelly’s doctor, a recent physical examination showed “no evidence of the cancer.” 

For a while there, things were looking bleak for Kelly.

Back in March, it was announced that Kelly was diagnosed with cancer of the upper jaw. This was his second bout with the dreaded disease, as he had beaten another diagnosis that came in June of 2013.

Kelly has been open about the treatment that he has received in the past few months, continually updating fans through social media and the like. As you might already know, chances of beating cancer are severely limited the second time around. Once that happens, a patient faces an even tougher uphill battle.

While Kelly is obviously not completely out of the woods, this is some tremendous news for the former Buffalo Bills quarterback and his family. Let’s all hope Kelly can now turn his attention to post-football life, including the possibility of playing a role in a potential Bills ownership group moving forward and spending healthy time with his family.

Photo: USA Today