Dallas Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr married his wife Shatory back in May. Despite still being what many would call a newlywed, Carr is giving out some marriage advice to anyone who will listen. 

And it’s actually some pretty good advice (via Star-Telegram). 

1. Compromise.

2. Pick your battles wisely.

3. Learn to be selfless.

4. Learn how to make sacrifices.

5. Be mentally tough.

He did forget one MINOR aspect of marriage…the woman is always right.

But what do I know? I am as single as the George Washington in my wallet.

Carr did emphasize one thing.

Compromise for sure,” Carr said. “It’s difficult for me because I’m stubborn.

Let’s just hope for the Cowboys’ sake that Carr is less compromising (and more stubborn) on the football field than he’s attempting to be in real life.

Photo: CBS Sports