What the heck does that exactly mean? These comments stem from a recent interview Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson had where he claimed that he will be a top-five playmaker in 2014.

Patterson had this to say during a video interview on NFL Fan Pass, (via NFL.com).

I’m a playmaker, I like to make plays. Like I tell them, just get the ball in my hands I feel like I’m special with it. I just like to do special things with the ball.

This is where the dog talk comes into the picture.

You gotta have that mindset, you got to have that dog mindset. Like my coach always tells me, they want Rottweilers and pit bulls, they don’t want no Chihuahua, they want dawgs.

Patterson had nine touchdowns in his rookie season, four of which he caught in the air, three that were rushed in and two kick return scores. The majority of his scores rank in the “big-play” category.

Now it all makes sense. I admire the high aspirations Patterson sets to achieve in 2014.

Photo: Star Tribune

Photo: Cordarrelle Patterson