With only one player (Norris Cole) under contract, the Miami Heat have over $50 million to spend on free agency this offseason. The only issue now is whether they will have the Big Three back in order to draw free agents to South Beach. 

It had previously been reported that both Wade and Bosh were willing to take paycuts after opting out. As it relates to LeBron James, he’s demanding nothing less than the maximum offer he can receive.

The Big Three have previously met over lunch to discuss contract details amongst themselves. They have also given Heat president Pat Riley a window to improve the roster before moving on to other potential destinations.

If Wade and Bosh are indeed willing to take paycuts, the Heat will have a nice amount of money to spend in free agency. Their primary exterior target at this point seems to be Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry, who is being courted by multiple teams around the Association.

According to ESPN, the Heat have reached out to Lowry and are attempting to get a meeting with him. He would be a tremendous upgrade over Cole and Mario Chalmers at point guard…something that we are sure James in particular is looking for.

Photo: Fansided.com