In a decision that could pave the way towards more equality and a better work environment for cheerleaders around the National Football League, a judge in New York shot down a request by the Buffalo Bills to dismiss a lawsuit brought against the organization by five former cheerleaders. 

According to ESPN, New York Supreme Court Justice Timothy Drury’s decision “clears the way” for the suit to go forward.

The Buffalo Jills cheerleaders say they were paid less than minimum wage and often worked for free at public appearances at which they were subject to groping and sexual comments.

The Bills argued they shouldn’t be included in the lawsuit because  they contracted with outside companies to operate the cheerleading squad.

This comes on the heels of the Oakland Raiders agreeing to pay their cheerleaders California minimum wage this upcoming season (via NBC Bay Area).

It might not be a drastic overhaul of perception as it relates to cheerleaders around the NFL, but it’s a start. After all, they are valuable members of each organization and continue to do good in the community. Why not reward them with decent pay and a good work environment?

Let’s see how this Bills lawsuit plays out. Hopefully, the organization is given a wake-up call by the courts in New York.