The Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets have both started discussing potential deals with other NBA teams in order to clear cap space to potentially sign all-world forward LeBron James. 

Both have been linked to James throughout the courting process, but this is a sign that the Cavs and Rockets feel that they have legit shots at landing James.

Cleveland apparently has a deal lined up to send Jarrett Jack and a future first-round pick out of town in order to create $6.3 million in cap room to sign James. This could very well be an indication that the Cavaliers are planning to potentially add another player in addition to James.

For the Rockets, it’s more clear cut. They met with Carmelo Anthony earlier in the week and are likely making a run to pair Anthony up with James. Trading Lin, among other moving parts, would be a necessity to add one or both of these All-Stars.

There are already teams lining up for Lin should the Rockets make a deal.

With $8.3 million due in the final year of his contract, Lin is an attractive option for teams. He can act as as stopgap and could very well be a valuable trade asset come deadline time during the 2014-2015 campaign.

Photo: CBS Sports