Now that the Los Angeles Clippers ownership situation has come to a conclusion, the sports world will soon turn its attention to the Buffalo Bills, who should be sold at some point prior to the start of the 2014 regular season. 

There has been previous reports that Buffalo’s current ownership group was intent on selling the team to a candidate that wanted to keep it in Buffalo. Long-time Bills owner Ralph Wilson passed away back in March after making the Bills a brand in New York. His wishes were always to prevent them from moving to a larger market.

Unfortunately, the Clippers situation may have changed all this.

According to ESPN, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz had the following to say about the potential of selling to a group that might be intent on moving the Bills out of Buffalo.

Truthfully, there are parties that are interested in buying the team and moving it,” Poloncarz told WGR 550 on Thursday. “We are trying to do what we can on our part to show that this community is moving forward to at least explore everything and all the options that are necessary, in the case the situation comes that we have a new owner that says, ‘I own the Bills. I’m fine with Ralph Wilson Stadium for the next five or six years, but I want out and I want to be somewhere different then.

As Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio points out, if the Bills are looking to sell to the highest bidder, it won’t really matter if that winning bid plans on moving the team out of Buffalo.

In reality, the Clippers selling for $2 billion may very well change the dynamics here. If someone like Donald Trump comes in with a huge offer to purchase the team, it might be hard for the Bills to pass up on that opportunity. This could very well mean that they could be calling another city home by the end of the decade.

After all, does anyone envision a scenario where Trump decides to keep the team in Buffalo should he be the winning bid? I didn’t think so.