This might be one of the most underrated rivalries in MLB. The Colorado Rockies and San Francisco Giants have a history of bad blood that has now extended to the press during their recent series at Coors Field. The two top teams in the NL West have shared jabs with one another off the field, even as they compete on the field. 

Former San Francisco Giants pitcher and current team broadcaster Mike Krukow had this to say about suspicions that the Rockies are “cheating” on the diamond (via Denver Post). 

I swear he’s getting signs…There is no way you can hit like that, for this long. I mean, if you hit .571, that’s for a weekend or a week. But you don’t do it for six weeks. That’s insane.

Krukow continued…

When we saw him, he was never off his back leg, he was never fooled…Not one time was he reaching out or going after something in the dirt. Whatever speed you threw at him, he was on it.

It’s questionable to say the least. Sure Tulo is playing some stellar baseball right now, but to indicate that he’s doing something shady is a major reach. Players of his caliber go through hot streaks during extended periods of time. I wonder if Krukow had anything to say when Barry Bonds was putting up ridiculous numbers last decade. Somehow I doubt it.

For his part, Rockies manager Walt Weiss responded with some old-fashion humor (via Denver Post). 

My response is that we do it all,” Weiss said with wry smile and a laugh. “We have a light bulb on the scoreboard we flash. Keep an eye on Dinger, he’s involved. We switch out the baseballs, we have the umpires in on it.

Now that’s the way you respond to the utter ridiculousness of a homer in the opposition’s broadcast booth. Krukow might want to actually concentrate on the Giants success at this point in the season. After all, they’re in the midst of a rebound campaign that has them in first place a quarter of the way through the season.

Photo: Ron Chenoy, USA Today