You cannot make this stuff up, guys and gals. Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback and defending Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson hung out with pop “sensation” Justin Bieber over the weekend. The Seahawks, who are clearly ignorant of the fact that Beiber really isn’t liked by most American (and Canadian) adults, sent this tweet out on Monday. 

As you can imagine, some Seahawks fans were none too happy about this occurrence.

The only silver lining here is that it seems to have been a church outing with well-known pastor of The City Church in Seattle, Judah Smith. Still, the whole thing has to rub us the wrong way. Wilson, who is coming off a Super Bowl campaign is all about winning at life.

Bieber on the other hand…

Courtesy of CNN
Courtesy of CNN


For one day, it appears that Wilson didn’t win at life. What’s worse, Seattle’s quarterback hanging out with Bieber or Colin Kaepernick chumming it up with an ultra-douchey Pauly D? I’ll let you guys decide.


Photo: Kirby Lee, USA Today