Veteran wide receiver Andre Johnson of the Houston Texans has due cause to be frustrated with his current team after a horrid 2-14 2013 record. As Johnson enters into his 12th year with the Texans, the 2003 first-round draft pick sounds as if he is at his wits’ end.

According to, Johnson had these sad comments to share.

I am assessing the situation, Johnson said. I haven’t asked for a trade. I’ve asked myself is this still the place for me. I am tired of losing. This is now my third head coach. This past season and offseason have been tough for me.

Who wouldn’t be utterly frustrated after three head coaches and just how many quarterbacks in 11 seasons? I’ve lost count as the Texans head into 2014 with newly signed Ryan Fitzpatrick as the Texans apparent lead quarterback. Johnson also stated he wouldn’t be participating in the Texans organized team activities or offseason minicamps.

With 12,661 receiving yards his 11 years and 1,407 of those yards gained just last year, Johnson still has quite some play left in him. How unfortunate that with over 1,400 yards he played for the team who ended up in dead-last place in 2013? That’s like earning a big $400 tip and having to split it with 16 incompetent restaurant employees at the end of the night.

It would be a shame to not see Johnson not finish his career with the Texans, but imagine his potential with another team if a trade were to take place. Just please don’t let him trade to the Oakland Raiders to face doom again with Matt Schaub.

What team(s) do you see Johnson as a potential asset? How about the New England Patriots or Denver Broncos, where he and either Tom Brady or Peyton Manning could retire together, and eventually ride off into the sunset? Johnson is definitely capable of playing for one of these reputable quarterbacks, who can actually get their team to double-digit season wins.

This person agrees with me about Johnson and the Broncos:

Or perhaps the Patriots will trade backup quarterback Ryan Mallett for Johnson?

This could work now that the Patriots have Brady’s future shoes filled with newly drafted quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo.

Let’s get poor Johnson a home with a winning team. Now, who’s in?

Photo: Troy Taormina, USA Today