Okay, maybe that was a misleading headline. Reports have surfaced throughout the past couple weeks that the Dallas Cowboys are interested in Texas A&M product and former Heisman Tropy winner Johnny Manziel. This photo of Manziel with Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant surfaced on the Internet over the weekend…


MUST mean that the Cowboys are planning to either take Manziel at 16 or trade up for him, right? After all, it’s a match made in heaven. Manziel with his partying ways teaming up with a model citizen in Bryant. Oh wait…

One larger question is at hand here. How do Tony Romo and Jason Witten feel about this new-found friendship that Bryant seems to have created? I mean those two now have a relationship that might be bordering on…well just check it out here. 

Matthew Emmons, USA Today
Matthew Emmons, USA Today

In all seriousness, we have no idea whether the Manziel to Dallas buzz is real. I took part in a live mock last week with a few other experts that indicated he could very well be the pick. However crazy that might sound, Romo is on the verge of turning 34 and is coming off back surgery. The Cowboys may very well decide to plan for the future.

Whether that future includes Manziel and Bryant chumming it up is yet to be known. If so, Jerry Jones needs to take time away from the gloryhole to make sure they mind themselves.

Photo: Brian Spurlock, USA Today