This is what you call the silly time on the NFL calendar and Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson seems to be taking that silliness to an entirely new level. The Pro Bowl performer continues to direct insults Richard Sherman’s way, the latest coming in what appeared to be a rant-filled tweet early Friday morning. 

There is an argument to be made that Sherman’s impact on the game is limited simply because the Seattle Seahawks choose to play sides in coverage. This means that Sherman plays one side of the field about 98 percent of the time, as to where someone like Peterson follows around the No. 1 receiver.

Still, it’s rather ridiculous that a wide-eyed youngster who hasn’t even seen a playoff game in his career is going after an All-Pro cornerback that is one of the primary reasons that the Seahawks visited the White House as defending Super Bowl champions on Wednesday.

Heck, even Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin has chimed in on this situation…pretty much calling both Peterson and Sherman out publicly.

1We know Sherman’s mentality on and off the field, and he has done a tremendous job backing it up on the field. Now it’s time for Peterson to keep his mouth shut and do his talking on the field. Until he accomplishes what Sherman has, the Cardinals cornerback sounds like nothing more than a man driving a Hummer in an attempt to overcompensate for something.