What an honorable act by the New Orleans Saints, who have just signed former Tulane safety Devon Walker to a free-agent contract. Walker, who sits in a wheelchair with a ventilator, became paralyzed from his neck down during a tackle he made in a game in Tulsa in 2012.

The signing comes on the same day that Walker proudly graduated with a degree in cell and molecular biology. In the midst of the graduation festivities, Tulane coach Curtis Johnson surprised Walker and took him with his friends and family to the Saints headquarters to sign his honorary contract

According to Fox Sports..

Payton, who met with Walker at the Saints’ practice fields during rookie camp Saturday, says Walker has “been an inspiration” to his community, his university and to the Saints.

I really love this story and agree what an incredible inspiration Walker will be for the team. When you think you’re having a bad day, surely whatever you’re going through is a drop in the bucket compared to how Walker must struggle every day.

Photo: Nola.com