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2014 is quickly becoming “The Year of the Misfit Owners” in professional sports. Although I’ve always wanted to drink beers with Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay, I think I’d respectfully decline if given that opportunity today. Irsay was charged with two¬†misdemeanors and has some image cleanup initiatives to address. breaks down the charges here, but this will be an interesting few months for Irsay, as the Colts have momentum to build off from last year. The last thing they need is a media circus that has nothing to do with football.

This guy can party...but likely won't be any more. Photo:
This guy can party…but likely won’t be any more. Photo:

Irsay is never one to back down from being an upfront and fun owner. The players likely enjoy that. But the players work their butts off for him, so he better show them mutual respect by getting his head on straight so the players stay invested in making the Colts in to a dynasty under Andrew Luck.

Here are some tweets from Irsay over the past year or so that should bring some humor to your Friday afternoon:

Random Twitter trivia for rad prizes:

And calling it like it is:

Photo: Brian Spurlock, USA Today