Yes. At least that’s how it’s looking so far.

28-year-old Johnny Cueto is pitching with a (expletive) 1.25 ERA,the best in the National League at this moment. In the nine games he’s pitched Cueto has recorded a 4-2 record with 76 strikeouts.

According to Joel Reuter of Bleacher Report, Cueto has more stats to back up this statement:

Part of the reason for his success this year has been a spike in his strikeout rate, as he entered the season with a 7.0 K/9 mark but has been fanning batters at a 9.5 K/9 pace so far this year with 76 punchouts in 72 innings of work.

As a whole, his stuff has been great, but it’s his sinker that has been the difference-making pitch. He’s throwing it slightly more than he had in the past, and it’s been significantly more effective.

He’s obviously on track to get the prestigious award, and he knows it.

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Putting numbers aside, Cueto has more to offer.

According to Roto World, the righty is the first Reds pitcher to go seven-or-more innings in his first seven appearances since Bucky Walters in 1944. For those of you who don’t know about Bucky Walters, I will give you a short history lesson. Walters earned the 1939 NL MVP, the NL pitching title, and the Triple Crown. All three, in that same year. Cueto was mentioned in the same sentence as that guy. Needless to say, not a bad guy to have your name associated with.


That all being said, expect Johnny Cueto to not only be in the race for the National League Cy Young, expect him to take it. If he stays consistent, and doesn’t catch the injury plague going around Major League Baseball, he’s your award winner.

Photo: Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports