Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, most infamously known for his recent movie performance in “How to Drag Your Unconscious Fiancée Out Of An Elevator Without Being Seen,” has just entered a not-guilty plea for his aggravated assault charge which dates back to his Atlantic City arrest for allegedly striking his fiancee, (now wife) Janay Palmer.

According to Fox Sports

The intervention program allows first-time offenders to have charges against them dismissed after participating in the program and meeting certain conditions. The county prosecutor will decide whether Rice is allowed to enter the program.

If not, then Rice would have to take anger management counseling as a plea bargain to avoid jail time.

Further reported by Fox Sports..

The former Rutgers star walked to the courthouse holding hands with the woman, who is now his wife. He said he is a “happy father and a happy husband.” When asked by reporters what he hoped would happen, Rice responded, for you all to have a blessed day.

Happy is as happy looks. In case you’ve forgotten, here is a timeline of Rice’s offseason escapades which have resulted in where he stands today in the assault incident.

After allegedly smacking his fiancée, at an Atlantic City casino, Rice drags her body out of an elevator for the world to see.

Next, coach John Harbaugh intervenes with counseling advice for Rice.

Hot water comes Rice’s way as he receives an indictment by the grand jury for aggravated assault. So what’s next? Marry the poor girl so hopefully she cannot testify and they will appear as the ever-so blissful Mr. and Mrs. Rice as noted above in today’s court appearance.

Tie all that up neatly with a bow, and the plan seems to be working beautifully in Rice’s favor. What do you think?

Photo: Evan Habeeb, USA Today Sports