We have all once been asked: “If there were a movie based on your life, what actor/actress would play you?” Mine would be Danielle Fishel from Boy Meets World, obviously. Who would play the leading roles for these athletes?

Denzel Washington/Michael Jordan

courtesy thunderbird37.com/SI.com

We know Denzel Washington can coach an integrated high school football team, or at least he can play one on the big screen. But can you picture him as the best basketball player in the history of the NBA? I can.


Bruce Willis/Derek Jeter

courtesy planetterror.com/newsone.com

Both of these handsome men have had long and prestigious careers. However, more importantly, they’ve landed some beautiful women. This movie would probably be one for the ladies. Go ahead and take the night off hubbies.

Samuel L. Jackson/LeBron James

courtesy yourblackworld.com/rabbijason.com

Samuel L. Jackson would be the perfect candidate to fill the big shoes of LeBron James. Jackson can handle snakes on a (motha’ bleepin’) plane, and James can pose in Manziel jerseys on a private plane. Match made in cinematic heaven. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Or two of these…

courtesy MSN
courtesy MSN

Matt Damon/Mike Trout

courtesy JustJared.com/Vanity Fair

Mike Trout won’t beĀ shipping up to Boston any time soon, however, the looks of these two are uncanny. Plus, we all know you loved Good Will Hunting.

Harrison Ford/Brett Favre

courtesy CBS Sports/AskMen.com
courtesy CBS Sports/AskMen.com

Not only do these two look as though they could be related, but they both have respected careers and manly facial hair.

Andy Samberg/Sidney Crosby

courtesy Digital Spy/Museevirtuel

Funny man Andy Samberg and NHL leged Sidney Crosby not only look alike, but they’ve won prestigious titles in their careers. Would you rather win a Golden Globe or a Stanley Cup?

Sylvester Stallone/Jose Canseco

courtesy Zimbio/Yahoo

You probably cannot tell the two apart, but give it a try. Rambo and the Bash Brother have had pretty intense careers and fun fact: they were both born in July.

Matthew McConaughey/Wayne Gretzky

courtesy O.Canada/The Bridal Guide
courtesy O.Canada/The Bridal Guide

Alright alright alright. Wayne Gretzky seems to be getting older, but looking the same age. The Great One made his name on the ice, and McConaughey has done the same on the red carpet. One has a hot daughter, one has a hot wife. You’re welcome.

Trey Smith/Colin Kaepernick

courtesy Pinterest/NY Daily News
courtesy Pinterest/NY Daily News

Trey Smith may not be as well-known as the 49ers’ starting quarterback, but Will Smith’s oldest son definitely has the looks to play Colin in a big movie. It will definitely beef up that resume of his too.

Liam Hemsworth/Bryce Harper

courtesy 4HDWallpaper.com/US Weekly
courtesy 4HDWallpaper.com/US Weekly

It’s no “clown question” both of these guys have dominated their careers, but the real superstar is Liam. The guy dated Miley Cyrus, got engaged to her, and lived to tell about it.