Youtube Batting Stance Guy Gar Ryness

On the Sportsnaut Unfiltered podcast TC is joined by YouTube batting stance guy Gar Ryness. Gar sits down and tells us about his reputation for having the least marketable skill in the United States, and how it has blossomed into a career for himself.  Gar lets us in on his technique for learning a batting stance, and who the most difficult players are to imitate. He has a repertoire that includes players from all 30 teams! Listen now…

Youtube Batting Stance Guy Gar Ryness


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Youtube Batting Stance Guy Gar Ryness:

TC and Gar have a great time talking baseball, or more specifically player stances.  Gar Ryness lets us in on just how he became the YouTube sensation we have come to know.  We get all the details on what major league team was the first to stumble upon Batting Stance Guy’s YouTube channel.  Gar shares with TC how he received his first offer to preform for a pregame show, and you won’t believe how it happened!  Gar Ryness tells us about how hosting the first charity event for the Harmon Killebrew Foundation after his passing led to meeting his idol.  The story takes an amusing twist when it turns out that one of Gar (and TC’s) favorite players knew who he was.  Do you think you know who it is? The guys also dig a little deeper into what five players have the worst batting stances of all time.  What makes for a bad batting stance, here is a hint… if you are still batting like your little league coach taught you… you might have a bad batting stance.

Good news! If loved Gar on the show this week, he will be back! TC and Gar are back together on Wednesday April 9, 2014 to talk about the Top 50 Batting Stances of All Time! Subscribe to the podcast today so you don’t miss it!