On this Sports Unfiltered podcast TC sits down with former Oakland Raiders Offensive Tackle Lincoln Kennedy. This former professional football player was a three-time NFL Pro Bowler and anchored the offensive line of the Super Bowl sits down to talk with TC about the Top Offensive Guards of All Time. Listen now…

Top Offensive Guards of all Time


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Opening Day of Baseball is being played away from Apple Pie this year for the Diamondbacks and Dodgers! Is this really fair to the fans to play such a special game so far from home? The Oakland Raiders acquired Matt Schaub, and Mark Cuban makes a major prediction about the NFL. TC picks out the Top Offensive Guards of the last 25 years. Lincoln weighs in on all this, how he got his nickname and more!

Top Offensive Guards of All Time:

  • Lincoln believes Will Shields should be higher on the list
  • Larry Allen was a mauling-style offensive guard
  • Steve Hutchinson had some great years, yet Steve Wisniewski tops him
  • Listen in to find out more

TC and Lincoln sit down and chat about how exactly Lincoln Kennedy became The Oval Office, and Lincoln lets us in on the haunting story about the Shultzy’s Sausage “Wall Of Fame”.   Lincoln also shares his feelings about Opening Day for the Diamondbacks being played in Sydney.  TC sure feel’s that the red, white, and blue that goes along with Opening Day should not be that of the Australian flag!  This Raiders fan tackles the trade of Matt Schaub and gives us some insight into what they might have been thinking.  TC picks out his Top Offensive Guards from the last 20-25 years.  Do you think Lincoln is trusting enough of TC’s judgment to have let him set up the offensive line? 

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Check him out on Saturday and Sunday over on Fox Sports Radio.  When he isn’t doing sports radio, breaking records at restaurants that will haunt him for years to come you can find him as an owner/operator of a Farmers Insurance and Financial Services office.

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