As St. Patrick’s Day comes to a close, many of you are recovering from celebrating, while others were dressed in green today. To honor this great holiday that many people don’t really understand, here are the top four mascots in sports who have some Irish in them.
4. University of Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

There's No Gold Without The Rainbow
There’s No Gold Without The Rainbow – Photo:

Once called the “Rainbows”, people flock to Hawaii looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and never return. (Ok, that’s not true…but we don’t blame those who stay)

3. Celtic Football Club (Soccer)

Futbol...Celtic Style
Futbol…Celtic Style – Photo:

Not much has to be said about the history of this club. If you like soccer, you are familiar. If you want a history less, you can find it here.

2. Boston Celtics

Classic Luck Of The Irish
Classic Luck Of The Irish – Photo:

One of the most recognizable mascots/logos in all of sports. It seem for many years that the luck of the Irish was with the Celtics as they dominated the NBA.

1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Fighting Irish and real Leprechauns. That's how you do it
Fighting Irish and real Leprechauns. That’s how you do it – Photo: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The obvious choice for number one on this list. A real mascot running around at your sporting events? Yeah, that’s awesome. The tradition that goes along with the University of Notre Dame is like no other. Fans of Notre Dame don’t need to dress like leprechauns one day every year…they can do it every day.