Ever since signing with the Detroit Lions last week, Tate has been catching flack from Seattle fans for his decision to quit Seattle and join Detroit. In my opinion, you have to do what’s best for yourself. Here’s what some tweets that drove Tate to give people a piece of his mind..


Finally, Tate had enough and spoke out on Fox Sports Detroit.

I got offered a number (by the Seahawks) that was laughable considering that I was there four years, a starter two of those years, in the community, did everything right, was not a troublemaker…The organization is offering guys from other places almost three times what they offered me. I was kind of like ‘Are you serious?’ I’ve given literally everything and this is what you give me.

The Seahawks’ offer reportedly was around 40-percent less than what Tate got from the Lions.

What would you have done if you were Tate. I’d go for the money myself – 40-percent is a huge difference. It’s obviously easy for some people to throw stones.

Photo: Jim O’Connor, USA Today Sports

Rachel Wold
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