Brandon Weeden, recently cut from the Cleveland Browns will visit with the Dallas Cowboys today. Cowboys fans are filled with negative opinions, all pointing to why I don’t think the Cowboys shouldn’t sign Weeden..

Reason 1 Age:

This is classic and comes from @EyeoftheGator. Yes, Jerry Jones is probably thinking like this. Tony Romo is 34, Kyle Orton is 32. Weeden is 30, so why not consider a younger quarterback in upcoming draft?


Reason 2 Three’s a Crowd:

Do we really need another backup to Tony Romo? Weeden wouldn’t see much opportunity and would just get more stale sitting on that bench.


Reason 3 Team Spirit Would Suffer:

Even non-Dallas fans are pulling out a tissue and shedding a tear over this one. Cowboys fans should be happy, not crying.


Reason 4 Major Distraction:

Via @majorpayne44 Weeden joining the Cowboys could have the fans laughing so hysterically, that all the booming laughter would cause Romo to choke more than ever.

Is signing Weeden a good or bad move?

Photo: Ken Blaze, USA Today Sports