Best Super Bowl Teams

We’ve come up with our list of the best Super Bowl Teams ever. Check out the list and listen in as TC and Phil countdown and debate the best Super Bowl teams list in the brand new show called Sportsnaut: The.Best.Ever.

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The Best Super Bowl Teams Ever

Rated: 10
Year: 2002
Teams: Tampa Bay (12-4) over Oakland (11-5)
Result: 48-21

  • Tampa Bay included Hall of Famer Warren Sapp and Derrick Brooks.

  • Tampa Bay had the league’s best defense, 2002 was the Buccaneers’ most successful season to date.

  • Linebacker Derrick Brooks was named 2002 NFL Defensive Player.

  • Tampa Bay hired Gruden from the Raiders in 2002 at the cost of four draft picks and $8 million in cash.  After this deal the league prohibited trading of draft picks for coaches.

  • This Super Bowl was nicknamed “The Pirate Bowl”.

Rated: 9
Year: 2000
Teams: Baltimore (12-4) over New York (12-4)
Result: 34-7

  • The 2000 Ravens defense emerged as one of the best defences in NFL history.

  • The Ravens defense set a new record by holding all opposing teams in the season to only 165 points.  A record previously held by the Chicago bears (187 points but over a 16 game season).

  • The Ravens failed to score an offensive touchdown the entire month of October.

  • The Ravens were reliant on rookie running back Jamal Lewis rushed 1,364 yards and a resilient defense.

  • The Ravens played five consecutive games without scoring an offensive touchdown.

  • The Ravens were only the third Super Bowl team whose defense did not let an opponent’s offensive score.

Rated: 8
Year: 1999
Teams: St. Louis (13-3) over Tennessee (13-3)
Result: 23-17

  • St. Louise Rams were known for a high powered offense.

  • The Rams traded their second and fourth round draft picks for Marshall Faulk, who later went onto be the Most Valued Player.

  • Kurt Warner threw 41 touchdowns.

  • Kurt Warner and Marshall Faulk scored over 30 points in twelve different games.

Rated: 7
Year: 1975
Teams: Pittsburgh (12-2) over Dallas (10-4)
Result: 21-17

  • Pittsburgh won back to back Super Bowls, only the third team to do so.

  • Pittsburgh were led by Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris and a defensive line nicknamed “The Steel Curtain”.

  • The Terrible Towel gimmick began in the playoff game Pittsburgh Vs Baltimore, it still continues to today.

  • Pittsburgh and Dallas were the two most popular teams at the time of playing.

Rated: 6
Year: 1973
Teams: Miami (12-2) over Minnesota (12-2)
Result: 24-7

  • Miami, led by Larry Csonka and Bob Griese only gave up 150 points during the entire season.

  • Larry Csonka rushed 145 yards on 33 carries.  He also scored 2 touchdowns and was named Most Valuable Player.

  • Miami scored 24 unanswered points and scored two touchdowns on their first two drives.

  • Larry Csonka was the first ever running back to be named Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.  .

Rated: 5
Year: 1966
Teams: Green Bay (12-2) over Kansas City (11-2-1, AFL season)
Result: 35-10

  • Green Bay were the first ever Super Bowl winning team.

  • This Super Bowl was played before the merger of the AFL and NFL in 1970.

  • Even though the AFL was considered weaker than the NFL by sportswriters the first half of the Super Bowl was competitive, 14-10.

  • Willie Wood’s 50 year interception and return in the third quarter triggered Green Bay into scoring 21 points in the second half without a response from Kansas City.

  • Green Bay quarterback Bart Starr completed 16 out of 23 passes.  Gaining 250 yards and earning two touchdowns.  Bart Starr was named Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.

  • The half time entertainment consisted of college bands rather than international stars.

Rated: 4
Year: 1972
Teams: Miami (14-0) over Washington (11-3)
Result: 14-7

  • Miami won the Super Bowl unbeaten.  The first team ever to do so.

  • This was the Redskins first ever Super Bowl appearance.

  • This Super Bowl remains the lowest scoring to date.

  • Known as “Garo’s Gaffe”, Garo Yepremian attempted a field goal but his kick was blocked and then fumbled.  The Redskins Mike Bass returned it 49 yards for a touchdown.

  • Redskins were held scoreless until only 2:07 remained in the fourth quarter.  This is the longest period a team has been scoreless.

  • Miami’s Jake Scott was named Most Valuable Player. Scott was the second defensive player in Super Bowl history to earn this.

Rated: 3
Year: 1985
Teams: Chicago (15-1) over New England (11-5)
Result: 46-10

  • Both teams were making their Super Bowl debuts.

  • The Bears was only the second team in NFL history to win 15 regular season games.

  • The Bears led the league in many defensive categories and outscored their opponents by 456-198.

  • The Patriots entered the playoffs as a wildcard.

  • The Bears set a new Super Bowl record for sacks, fewest rushing yards allowed and margin of victory.

  • The Patriots were held to -19 yardage throughout the first half.

  • The Bears Richard Dent was named Most Valuable Player for his 1.5 quarterback sacks, forced fumbles and blocked pass.

  • The game was watched by an estimated 92.5 million viewers.

Rated: 2
Year: 1990
Teams: San Francisco (14-2) over Denver (11-5)
Result: 55-10

  • The 49ers won back to back Super Bowl’s, this being the second.

  • After losing the Denver Broncos has lost four Super Bowl losses.

  • The 55 points scored by the 49ers is the most ever scored by one team.

  • The 49ers scored at least two touchdowns in each quarter.

  • Joe Montana was named Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.  His third award from four Super Bowl victories.

  • Joe Montana completed 22 out of 29 passes and earned 297 yards, including 5 touchdown passes.

Rated: 1
Year: 1977
Teams: Oakland (13-1) over Minnesota (11-2-1)
Result: 32-14

  • Oakland gained a Super Bowl record of 429 yards in this match up.

  • Cornerback Willie Brown scored a touchdown on a 75 yard return.

  • Oaklands Fred Biletnikoff who had 4 catches for 79 yards was named Most Valuable Player.

  • Super Bowl XI was the first time Madden led his team to a league championship game.

  • Quarterback Ken Stabler was rated the top passer in AFC.  Passing for 2,737 yards, for 27 touchdowns.

  • Cliff Branch caught 46 passes for 1,111 yards and earned 12 touchdowns.

  • Oakland had a great passing attack and powerful running game led by Mark Van Eeghen and Clarence Davis.
Photo: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports