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103-year-old Red Sox fan beats COVID-19, celebrates by chugging beer

Vincent Frank
General view of Fenway Park during Red Sox-Twins game.
Sep 4, 2019; Boston, MA, USA; A general view of Fenway Park during a rain delay before the Boston Red Sox play the Minnesota Twins. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

It’s something that has been missing in Boston during the early part of the summer. Red Sox fans joining in on the long-held tradition of chugging bear during games at Fenway Park.

As Major League Baseball attempts to find a way to resume a lost season, the American death toll from COVID-19 has reached the tragic number of 100,000.

Sure sports has to take a back seat during these most trying of times, but there’s certainly a place for America’s Pastime.

Just ask 103-year-old Red Sox super fan Jennie Stajna. She just recently beat the virus, only to celebrate by chugging some beer in the process.

This video from TMZ Sports is the best thing you will see all week.

According to Stajna’s grandson-in-law, Adam Gunn, she was the first to test positive for COVID-19 inside her Massachusetts-based nursing home earlier in May. For a while there, things were not looking great. Family members had previously called her to say their final goodbyes.

At a time when there’s so many sad stories relating to the virus, this stands out as a happy ending. Mrs. Stajna was not only able to overcome COVID-19, she was out there downing some beer.

Let’s hope the Red Sox super fan can enjoy some more of this with baseball potentially set to get going within the next two months.