10 NFL quarterbacks who may be looking for new teams in 2020

Rachel Wold
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes a change of scenery for certain NFL players makes all of the difference in the world. However, sometimes a switch of franchises backfires.

For better or worse, and due to different circumstances, the following 10 NFL quarterbacks could be looking for new teams for the 2020 season.

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Newton is currently an expensive and banged-up asset taking up room on the Panthers’ roster. Newton’s issues have been concerning enough that the Panthers put him on ice for the rest of this season with a Lisfranc injury. Despite the Panthers shelving Newton and rolling with the inexpensive Kyle Allen, Newton is still signed through the 2020 season and will take up $21.1 million in salary cap room next year.

The team could certainly benefit from attempting to trade Newton to a quarterback-needy team next year. When healthy, Newton can still produce at a high level and offers the athleticism that teams covet in today’s NFL.

Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears

Let’s talk about buyer’s remorse. The Bears nearly tripped over themselves by trading up in the 2017 NFL Draft to select Trubisky second overall. This move has gotten the Bears a quarterback who is strugging something fierce in his third season. Through nine contests this season, Trubisky has thrown only nine touchdowns.

It is entirely possible the Bears decide to move in another direction in 2020. With that said, Trubisky may benefit from playing in a different system at this stage in his career.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Say what? Could the GOAT possibly play for another team next season? Brady, who turns 43 next August, is a lame duck at this point and is slated for free agency in 2020. If the Patriots cannot or do not want to extend Brady and he feels he still has some good football in him, the future Hall of Famer may go elsewhere.

Just recently, there have been some rumors of discord between Brady and the Patriots’ organization. We can only imagine the demand the six-time Super Bowl champ would drum up next March as a free agent.

Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winston is down to his last straw when it comes to his future with the Buccaneers. He is currently playing out his fifth-year option while the Buccaneers continue to hope their former No. 1 overall pick somehow morphs into a franchise quarterback. Since this is unlikely to happen as the rest of 2019 season plays out, Winston should be on the search for a new club next year.

While he remains one of the biggest turnover machines in the league, Winston would still make for a better option for multiple quarterback-needy teams out there.

Andy Dalton, Cincinnati Bengals

Dalton’s career with the Bengals is going up in flames. After the team went 0-8 with Dalton under center, he embarrassingly got sent to backup duty. It seems that Dalton wants to be a starter in the league in 2020. If so, he’d have to call another NFL city home.

Still talented, perhaps Dalton just needs a change of scenery to revive his career. Even Dalton himself had hoped the Bengals would trade him before the deadline arrived. This is likely the path Cincinnati will take come next March.

Philip Rivers, Los Angeles Chargers

We are not sure what Rivers is having for breakfast these days, but we don’t want any of it. The embattled quarterback last helped contribute to back-to-back losses against two of the softest NFL defenses. During this span, Rivers has been nearly unbearable to watch with two fumbles and a ridiculous seven picks.

Performances like this could easily solidify Rivers becoming a free agent in 2020. If the losses keep adding up, Rivers could be looking for a new home next year.

Joe Flacco, Denver Broncos

What does the 2020 season hold for Flacco? The Broncos made waves when they traded for the 34-year-old quarterback earlier in 2019. It now seems that they want nothing of Flacco or his opinions about how the Broncos’ organization. As such, he was conveniently placed on IR while the team still continues to flounder.

Originally, Flacco was signed through the 2021 season after the Broncos restructured his hefty contract. Now it looks like John Elway and Co. will eat crow as they attempt to find someone else under center.

Eli Manning, New York Giants

Speaking of veteran quarterbacks getting paid well to ride the pine, Manning is headed for free agency in 2020. It is difficult to envision any scenario that prompts the Giants to re-sign Manning next spring. The Giants’ organization made its choice for the future face of the franchise when they selected Daniel Jones sixth overall in the 2019 NFL Draft.

If Manning wants to continue to play in the NFL, it won’t be for the G-Men. It will be interesting to see what kind of market the 38-year-old quarterback would attract –provided he is not ready to hang up his cleats.

Josh Rosen, Miami Dolphins

Rosen’s NFL career has not exactly lived up to the expectations that came with being a first-round pick back in 2018. After a poor rookie campaign in Arizona that saw Rosen play in 14 games while throwing 11 touchdowns compared to 14 picks, he was shipped off to Miami.

Unfortunately for Rosen, he produced another dismal showing with his second team. He threw just one touchdown and five interceptions before Ryan Fitzpatrick was inserted into the lineup full-time. Will the Dolphins attempt to move Rosen in 2020? Would there possibly be any takers? Stay tuned.

Marcus Mariota, Tennessee Titans

Lastly, we must cover a quarterback who followed Jameis Winston as the No. 2 overall pick back in 2015. For the most part, Mariota has not lived up to what were very lofty expectations. The former Oregon star has not played a 16-game slate since starting in the league.

Fast forward to mid-2019 and Mariota is now manning the clipboard on Sundays. After producing a 2-4 record, Mariota got yanked in lieu of Ryan Tannehill. The writing is definitely on the wall when it comes to Mariota’s future as a Titan. Despite his struggles, Mariota would be considered a dream come true for some current teams working with nothing under center.