10 early burning questions for the 2017 NFL season

By Rachel Wold

The 2016 NFL season concluded and left a lot of question marks in place heading into next year.

For starters, will last year’s rookie stars pick up where they left off? Contrarily, veteran quarterbacks will be playing in the final years of their careers. Can they compete at the same level, or in some cases even find a new team to call home?

Will this year’s soon-to-be 40-year-old Super Bowl MVP ever slow down? If not, the rest of the AFC East is up for a long season.

On the coaching side, several teams are debuting new head coaches. One in particular has the huge task of improving a San Francisco team that won only twice last year. Is there any hope for fans?

Clearly, there is a lot to keep tabs on approaching the start of the regular season. Here are 10 early burning questions we dove into.