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Who doesn’t enjoy a little NFL smack talk? Whether it is coming from a player or head coach, it is hard to ignore guys who constantly dish it out on the field or blast it through social media.

Let’s take a fun look at some of the biggest trash talkers in the NFL today.

Baker Mayfield, quarterback, Cleveland Browns

Mayfield is not a shy guy when it comes to confronting his naysayers. He has a hilarious and ongoing Twitter feud brewing with Colin Cowherd. He also talks up a storm during games. Aside from this, Mayfield just shaded teammate Duke Johnson, who is a bit disgruntled with the Browns. Mayfield tells it as it is and proudly minces no words.

Antonio Brown, wide receiver, Oakland Raiders

Hardly a day goes by that Brown doesn’t make some type of headline. He is not afraid to fuel the fires on social media and throw his former Steelers teammates under the bus. While all seems peaceful for Brown as an Oakland Raider, it is only a matter of time before something or somebody ignites Brown’s drama. Is he too old to have his phone taken away for the day?

Richard Sherman, cornerback, San Francisco 49ers

Those who test Sherman’s athletic ability or his education usually regret it. Sherman loves to talk trash, especially on the field. It does not take much to get Sherman carried away — he gets right in people’s faces, whether they like it or not. Off the field, Sherman is an expert at dishing it out on social media or taking on the press. For some, listening to Sherman is like nails on a chalkboard. For others, he provides pure entertainment.

Cam Newton, quarterback, Carolina Panthers

Throughout his career, Newton has been known to insert his foot into his mouth on occasion. When things are going his way, he is not shy to boast. Newton was caught last season mic’d up razzing former Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews who was telling his team Newton was going to run a “wheel route.” Newton proved Matthews wrong in the most epic way. Week to week, we never know what Newton has up his sleeve. That’s why people tune in.

Le’Veon Bell, running back, New York Jets

Bell isn’t exactly a wallflower in the league. His boisterous, and his cryptic tweets and rap videos never go unnoticed. He took his beef with the Steelers public and things got ugly between the two parties on more than one occasion. Now that is behind him, but he caused rumblings around the league by not attending the Jets OTAs. Though, Bell did wisely decide to report to mandatory minicamp. So all remains quiet for now.

Jalen Ramsey, cornerback, Jacksonville Jaguars

Never shy to get in someone’s face, Ramsey trash talks with the best of them. Sometimes it even gets him ejected from a game. Ramsey was pretty bold to call Bengals All-Pro wide receiver, A.J. Green “soft and weak” last season. That is just one example of him being an elite trash-talker, regardless of how he makes the other party feel. Don’t look for Ramsey’s antics to stop anytime soon.

Jon Gruden, head coach, Oakland Raiders

No one runs their mouth better on the sidelines and during press conferences than Gruden. There is always a golden quote to be had when he’s on the mic. Who could forget his quip about how hard it is to find pass rushers after he traded away Khalil Mack? Or how about the time he lambasted Derek Carr on the sideline? There are bound to be plenty more comical quotes and sideline drama as long as Gruden is around.

Tom Brady, quarterback, New England Patriots

After 20 years of playing in the league and six Super Bowl Championships under his belt, Brady can and will say anything he wants. This would include fiery sideline blowups and giving brutal pep talks to his team. It is what makes Brady tick. He is also not afraid of confrontation. Brady and former Ravens linebacker, Terrell Suggs are famous for their heated bickers. Keep doing what you do, Tom.

Odell Beckham Jr., wide receiver, Cleveland Browns

OBJ plays the game with passion and is not timid to express his feelings when things aren’t going his way. His tantrums can be laughable. And, it was no secret when he became irritated with his former quarterback, Eli Manning — whom he is still taking pot shots at. Beckham eventually got the trade he wanted out of New York and is now settling in very comfortably in Cleveland. Things are peaceful now in Beckham’s camp, but something is bound to set him off soon enough. Just wait for it.

Bill Belichick, head coach, New England Patriots

Belichick may not say or grumble much at times, but he can dish out the trash talk when necessary. A nice example of this was when Belichick cussed at Vikings wide receiver, Adam Thielen during a challenge last year. We heard him loud and clear during that heated sideline discussion. Aside from this, Belichick is one of the most confident and successful coaches in the league. For this, he has earned the right to speak — or not speak — his mind.

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