Sportsnaut NFL Pick’em: Week 1

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Ethan Sears
Written by Ethan Sears

With the NFL season kicking off on Thursday, we at Sportsnaut decided to bring some competition to the table. All of our respective writers will be making picks against the spread each week and we’ll be keeping track throughout the season. Without further ado, here are our Week 1 picks.

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

Rachel Wold: Patriots -9

Michael Dixon: Patriots -9

Jesse Reed: Chiefs +9

David Kenyon: Patriots -9

Vincent Frank: Chiefs +9

Ethan Sears: Patriots -9

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

Rachel Wold: Jets +9

Michael Dixon: Bills -9

Jesse Reed: Bills -9

David Kenyon: Jets +9

Vincent Frank: Jets +9

Ethan Sears: Bills -9

Atlanta Falcons at Chicago Bears

Rachel Wold: Falcons -7

Michael Dixon: Falcons -7

Jesse Reed: Falcons -7

David Kenyon: Falcons -7

Vincent Frank: Falcons -7

Ethan Sears: Bears +7

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans

Rachel Wold: Texans -5.5

Michael Dixon: Texans -5.5

Jesse Reed: Texans -5.5

David Kenyon: Texans -5.5

Vincent Frank: Jaguars +5.5

Ethan Sears: Jaguars +5.5

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins

Rachel Wold: Eagles -1

Michael Dixon: Redskins +1

Jesse Reed: Eagles -1

David Kenyon: Redskins +1

Vincent Frank: Redskins +1

Ethan Sears: Redskins +1

Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions

Rachel Wold: Cardinals -2

Michael Dixon: Cardinals -2

Jesse Reed: Lions +2

David Kenyon: Lions +2

Vincent Frank: Lions +2

Ethan Sears: Cardinals -2

Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans

Rachel Wold: Raiders +2.5

Michael Dixon: Titans -2.5

Jesse Reed: Raiders +2.5

David Kenyon: Raiders +2.5

Vincent Frank: Raiders +2.5

Ethan Sears: Titans -2.5

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals

Rachel Wold: Bengals -3

Michael Dixon: Bengals -3

Jesse Reed: Bengals -3

David Kenyon: Bengals -3

Vincent Frank: Benglas -3

Ethan Sears: Ravens +3

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns

Rachel Wold: Steelers -9

Michael Dixon: Steelers -9

Jesse Reed: Browns +9

David Kenyon: Browns +9

Vincent Frank: Steelers -9

Ethan Sears: Steelers -9

Indianapolis Colts at Los Angeles Rams

Rachel Wold: Rams -3.5

Michael Dixon: Rams -3.5

Jesse Reed: Rams -3.5

David Kenyon: Colts +3.5

Vincent Frank: Rams -3.5

Ethan Sears: Rams -3.5

Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers

Rachel Wold: Packers -3

Michael Dixon: Packers -3

Jesse Reed: Seahawks +3

David Kenyon: Packers -3

Vincent Frank: Packers -3

Ethan Sears: Seahawks +3

Carolina Panthers at San Francisco 49ers

Rachel Wold: Panthers -5.5

Michael Dixon: Panthers -5.5

Jesse Reed: Panthers -5.5

David Kenyon: 49ers +5.5

Vincent Frank: 49ers +5.5

Ethan Sears: Panthers -5.5

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

Rachel Wold: Cowboys -4

Michael Dixon: Giants +4

Jesse Reed: Cowboys -4

David Kenyon: Cowboys -4

Vincent Frank: Cowboys -4

Ethan Sears: Giants +4

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings

Rachel Wold: Saints +3.5

Michael Dixon: Vikings -3.5

Jesse Reed: Saints +3.5

David Kenyon: Saints +3.5

Vincent Frank: Vikings -3.5

Ethan Sears: Vikings -3.5

Los Angeles Chargers at Denver Broncos

Rachel Wold: Broncos -3.5

Michael Dixon: Broncos -3.5

Jesse Reed: Chargers +3.5

David Kenyon: Chargers +3.5

Vincent Frank: Broncos -3.5

Ethan Sears: Chargers +3.5

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Ethan Sears

Ethan Sears

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