Watch: Aaron Rodgers throws pass to Stephen Curry at Tahoe celebrity pro-am

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Michael Dixon
Written by Michael Dixon

We’re used to seeing Aaron Rodgers complete passes. But how often does he complete them to Stephen Curry? After Friday, at least once.

Rodgers and Curry, who were playing alongside Joe Pavelski of the San Jose Sharks at the American Century Championship, took a temporary break from golf to venture into a sport Rodgers is more comfortable with. On the tee box, Curry lined up to Rodgers’ left, ran a route, and managed to catch the ball despite leaving his feet.

Curry’s route running can use some work. But his focus and hands were not bad.

The group also ventured into Curry’s familiar sport. Curry tried to channel his inner Dr. J, which didn’t go too well. But when Pavelski got the roundball in his hand, the San Jose forward did a decent Curry impression.

Not bad. But for the sake of this argument, we’re going to suggest that Curry, Rodgers, and Pavelski all stick to their familiar sports.

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