D’Onta Foreman lawyer: Client innocent, ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time’

D'Onta Foreman
Michael Dixon
Written by Michael Dixon

Houston Texans rookie running back D’Onta Foreman was arrested early Sunday morning in Austin on drug and gun charges. Shortly thereafter, it was alleged by Foreman’s representation that the gun was legal and the marijuana was not his.

In an interview with John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, attorney Chip Lewis expanded even further, lauding Foreman’s character and blaming the situation more on circumstance and bad judgment.

“There’s never been a problem, from middle school, high school, college, nothing, not one blemish,” Lewis said in the interview. “It literally is the old expression, ‘in the wrong place at the wrong time,’ and he already severely regrets where he was, when he was. But, there’s a far cry difference between having bad judgment about who you’re hanging out with and where you are, and committing a crime.”

He added that he is “very confident” that things will work out well for Foreman in terms of the law.

Even if all of this is true, Foreman could still face league discipline. Under the current Personal Conduct Policy, the lack of a conviction has not always led to the lack of action from the league.

Foreman was selected in the third round by the Texans. He was a workhorse in his final year at Texas, rushing for 2,028 yards on 323 carries.

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