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At this time last year, no one would have predicted that former NFL quarterbacks Tony Romo and Jay Cutler would be sitting in a broadcasting booth this fall. Sure enough, they will be joining the workforce of other former players who have landed television jobs.

Prior to Romo and Cutler landing jobs, retired wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. took a job at NFL Network. Never shy to put his two cents in, Smith is lighting it up on camera. He recently covered the 2017 NFL Draft and was on fire with some of his spicy remarks. At the same time, he was doing his best to school his colleagues, many years his senior.

Smith is the real deal and gives fans the stuff they truly enjoy hearing.

Staying on this theme, we came up with 10 NFL players we would love to see eventually land television jobs, either as sports commentators or perhaps even on the big screen.

Antonio Brown, wide receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers

NFL celebration penalties, Antonio Brown

Brown is one of the biggest NFL kings of social media. He puts his life and sports moments all over Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter on a daily basis. So we already know he is a rock star on camera.

He recently tested his skills by providing locker room coverage when he went live on Facebook after losing to the Patriots in the conference playoffs. Unfortunately, the end result was trouble. Brown likely learned his lesson, but only after catching some heat from the Steelers’ brass,

He is in the prime of his career and currently the highest paid receiver in the league. But we can could certainly see Brown in front of a television camera in the future. He proved that when he strutted his stuff on “Dancing with the Stars.”

He is a man of impeccable fashion with a knockout smile that would shine on the big screen or in a sports booth when he finally decides hang up his No. 84.

Richard Sherman, cornerback, Seattle Seahawks

Sometimes Sherman’s mouth gets running and it just won’t stop. He is not afraid to mix it up and tell anyone how he really feels. Sherman even had the nerve early in his career to stand up to New England Patriots veteran quarterback Tom Brady after the Patriots lost to the Seahawks.

Aside from his rants, Sherman is actually a very eloquent speaker. He will, on occasion, remind all that he is a Stanford graduate. Sherman earned a scholarship based on his high school G.P.A. of 4.1. The outspoken cornerback has an undergraduate degree in communications. Go figure.

Drafted by the Seahawks in the fifth round in 2011, Sherman has since earned a reputation as one of the biggest trash talkers in the league.

We can only imagine him dishing it out in a broadcast booth, unfiltered of course.

Rob Gronkowski, tight end New England Patriots

Rob Gronkowski cruise

Gronk better pursue some type of television role, or audition for more movies once he decides his time is over with the NFL.

If he chooses to forego a job in a booth, then a reality series does not seem too out of the question. Something like “Gronk’s Endless Summer” would make for must-see television, considering the montage of videos that Gronk has been displayed in throughout the years in social media.

Heck, he could always pursue a career in the WWE. His performance at WrestleMania 33 was off the charts.

If Gronkowski disappears once he retires, fans would be terribly disappointed. A personality as exuberant as Gronk’s belongs on camera. Many might argue that if Gronk was in the booth in Cutler’s place, the tight end might be just a tad more entertaining.

Clay Matthews, linebacker, Green Bay Packers

Matthews is another guy we could see tying up his golden locks into a neat ponytail and putting on a suit to talk about the Sunday NFL games.

After all, he is not camera shy. Raise your hand if you own one of his Fatheads. He has certainly promoted the heck out of that item the last several years.

Perhaps another movie is in the cards for Matthews. He and his singing group, coincidentally call the “Green Bay Packers,” were a smash hit in the movie “Pitch Perfect 2.”

However things play out, it would be hard to imagine Matthews disappearing off to a deserted island when football is over.

J.J. Watt, defensive end, Houston Texans

Watt’s career would be an awesome one to follow should he pursue and analyst job or another form of on camera entertainment.

He has a huge fanbase and engages with them very actively over social media. He makes special efforts just to send fans happy birthday messages when they reach out.

We would love to see Watt’s personality in the broadcasting booth or television world. He is a true humanitarian at heart and surely he will have fans begging him to not dissipate into thin air once he eventually retires.

He also was not too shabby in his recent cameo role playing a soccer coach in the movie “Bad Moms.”

Cam Newton, quarterback, Carolina Panthers

We have all witnessed the happy and moody sides of Newton on camera. If Newton was to land a role in front of studio cameras, the fashion world would eat it up. He is an icon in the making with last season being the year of the hat.

Then there are those snazzy Versace pants and suits Newton wears. The world would be a boring place if Newton did not grace us with his style once he left the game of football.

If he doesn’t decide to launch a career in a network reporting booth, he certainly could design his own line of unique and colorful custom menswear. Of course there is the possibility he does both, such as NFL Network’s and CBS’s Nate Burleson.

The Bennett Brothers

If Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett and Green Bay Packers tight end Martellus Bennett don’t eventually take a Steve Smith type of analyst role, they would be cheating the world.

These two are absolutely worth following on social media for a daily dose of entertainment. They cover issues across the board relating to human rights, children’s causes, player contracts and politics.

Whenever the brothers make guest appearances on sports networks, the are an absolute blast. This outspoken duo is one that should not fade quietly into the sunset whenever retirement calls.

We want to see the blunt comments and trash-talking continue. Hopefully both will take to the commentating side of football later down the road.

Tom Brady, quarterback, New England Patriots

Brady’s life is pretty perfect. He has five Super Bowl rings, a gorgeous wife, adorable kids and even a cute dog. He is not ready to retire just yet, despite his wife’s wishes. At this point, there is no reason to think we won’t see Brady slinging a football for another few years.

But when Father Time eventually catches up, we envision him taking to the booth or even trying his hand at acting. It was just a couple of years ago Brady said he would like to pursue a career in acting when he retires. He obviously is not awful to look at on camera. His sense of style is on point. Plus, he has had quite a bit of on camera experience in conjunction with his endorsments.

The future Hall of Famer also had that interesting little role in the movie “Ted 2” starring Mark Wahlberg. The two are buddies, so more big screen adventures could be on tap in the future.

Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver, Arizona Cardinals

Raise your hand if you could see Fitzgerald taking his NFL career beyond the field and into the announcer’s booth? Hopefully, we have a sea of raised hands. Fitzgerald is one of the most sincere, down to earth and genuine people to play the sport. He also has a smile that lights up a room.

He is a true fan favorite and would be sorely missed if he was not involved in some type of Sunday or weekly football action once he retires.

Fitzgerald was the third overall pick by the Cardinals in 2004. The past two seasons have seen Fitzgerald’s football career pick up again. When Fitzgerald is not playing football, he takes the time to host annual events such as youth football camps and celebrity softball charity events.

He has a lot of light to shine, and we hope he keeps showing off his charisma in front of a camera for years to come.

Von Miller, linebacker, Denver Broncos

Drafted by the Broncos second overall in 2011, Miller has evolved into an NFL personality that is too large to leave off of this list.

The Super Bowl 50 MVP is the cornerstone of his team, and we would certainly envision some type of television action later on once he leaves the league. Like Brown, Miller showcased his moves on “Dancing with Stars.”

He also has a amazing fashion flair and works to help provide eyeglasses to kids in need. Miller is known for his extensive eyeglasses collection.

Last week 70+ kids got new glasses at my Von's Vision Day Reveal Party. #VonsVision

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One of these days Miller will be on to new adventures beyond football. With his array of interests and talents both on and off the field, he will likely have his pick of a future career. We hope a job on television in football is in his plans.

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