Top eight most annoying MLB players

Bryce Harper is one of the most annoying MLB players today

Most of the time when it comes to favoring a team, certain MLB players won’t deter you from standing a few extra minutes in line waiting for an autograph. Even if that player’s makeup isn’t exactly warm and uplifting.

On the other hand, there are some players that have a tendency (or three) to make you roll your eyes and perhaps take a pass.

Among them is one of the very best young sluggers on the diamond, a young man whose fans are legitimate fanatics and one of the biggest divas in MLB today.

These are the most annoying MLB players in the game today.

Bryce Harper

The unfortunate thing about this is the fact that no matter what this former MVP and Rookie of the Year does with the rest of his career, nobody will forget the time he told a reporter he asked a “clown question.”

He instantly became a meme (and struggles to pronounce the word), but we think he is doing okay for himself.

Don’t get us wrong, the question was a little “clowny…bro,” Harper was too young to drink at the time he was asked about beer, but this statement will forever resonate behind the four-time All-Star.

Then there’s the whole thing where his mood revolves around how good his hair looks (seriously, he said that).

But hey, at least he wants to make baseball fun again.

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow isn’t annoying. The coverage of Tim Tebow, however, is annoying as heck.

The former Heisman Trophy Award winner tried to make a career from the NFL, and that didn’t work. He was successful as a college football analyst for ESPN, which is where we assumed he would stay. But that’s obviously not the case.

Tebow managed to make his way to the Arizona Fall League during the autumn months where he did…well he went out there and he tried his best. Just don’t ask him to play catch.

His final line was .194/.296/.242, but in his last 11 games he managed to accumulate a .281 batting average, which is more than we can say for ourselves.

He’s a great man, but he isn’t a great baseball player. However, he gets first-rate coverage no matter how good or bad he’s doing, and it’s just too much.

Trevor Bauer

There’s a loveable nature when it comes to Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer. You have to respect someone who is outspoken, especially an athlete who isn’t scared to tell it like it is on Twitter.

The drone incident, however, caused some uproar on social media.

The 26-year-old had to skip his ALCS start last season because he cut his finger fixing his drone. When it was time for him to speak at a press conference regarding the incident, he brought said drone with him to explain.

“I brought my friend to answer any questions about what happened that I can’t answer,” he said according to

And baseball responded to the incident wonderfully. The Triple-A affiliate of the Diamondbacks, the Reno Aces, are hosting a bobblehead night in honor of the pitcher’s…situation.


Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is one of the players where, no matter what you say, someone will come back with a remark regarding steroids, his playboy ways, or a comparison to Derek Jeter. On that note, there is no comparison.

However, when the 14-time All-Star retired, it seemed some of the talks calmed down. This had a lot to do with the phenomenal job he did during the postseason that year and the previous season as a Fox Sports analyst.

He still continues to be talked about. It’ll be interesting to see how people react when it’s Hall of Fame talks. Grab your ear plugs now.

Yasiel Puig

Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig has talent, but he equally has an attitude.

Back in August of last season, Puig was demoted to Triple-A and “stormed off” after hearing the news.

“I’m told he never went to the park,” wrote Ken Rosenthal. “The club informed me and the player understood clearly that they were making every effort to trade him and that if they were unable to come to terms with another club on a trade — and successful in acquiring another outfielder — that he likely would be demoted.”

Puig’s number dropped pretty low from when he burst out on the scene in 2013. His 2016 campaign with the Dodgers had him hitting a .255/.322/.436 line with 11 home runs in 79 games.

Over two minor league seasons in 2016, it seemed Puig was getting his act together both on and off the field and even coached a little first base with the OKC Dodgers.


Ryan Braun

Let’s talk PEDs.

Who knew it would be possible to successfully appeal a performance-enhancing drug test in Major League Baseball? We surely didn’t, but it has happened.

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun did it following a positive drug test. He made sure the person who collected his specimen would hear about it. And he did.

In front of a three-person panel, he won his appeal.

This isn’t annoying, but the following year his name was listed during the Biogenesis scandal where he was suspended for 65 games and did admit his guilt.

That’s an annoyance itself. The public felt for him, and now we are left wondering if his career was really him or just the drugs.

Chase Utley

Not once…but twice have we caught Dodgers infielder Chase Utley making dirty and illegal slides. One even resulted in Ruben Tejada being taken out and a broken leg for the Mets shortstop.

Are you kidding me?

That’s not only annoying, it’s downright despicable.

Fernando Rodney

We, for one, like Fernando Rodney.

But it has to be said that while researching this article, Rodney popped up multiple times claiming to have his signature “slinging arrows” pose be something of an irritant.

“I try to put myself in a good position where everyone can understand me,” Rodney said to “Fun, that’s part of the game. It makes the job more easy.”

For those of you who aren’t a fan of this bow-and-arrow, you may have to get over it. He recently said that move “is there…and it’s coming.”

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