Stephen Curry: Fan once sent five-year son to ask daughter out on a date

Stephen Curry
Michael Dixon
Written by Michael Dixon

Whether from opponents or fans, Stephen Curry has heard plenty of trash talk. But the funniest trash talk he’s ever heard involved a five-year-old boy and his daughter, Riley.

When asked about a specific trash-talk situation that stuck with Curry, here’s what he had to say.

“Probably sending their five-year-old to ask my daughter out on a date,” Curry said. “Talk about throwing me off my game.”

While he admits that it did have an impact on him, it’s good that Curry can call this funny.

We don’t know how old Riley was when this happened, but she won’t turn five until July of 2017. So, the suitor was obviously older.

Regardless of how old the daughter is, that’s not something fathers ever like. Fortunately, Curry didn’t resort to a GPS tracker, at least not that we know of.

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