Report: Fox Sports wants to replace John Lynch with Tony Romo in broadcast booth

Tony Romo has no plans to file his retirement paperwork
Michael Dixon
Written by Michael Dixon

Fox Sports is in need of a color commentator to replace the departed John Lynch. According to Adam Schefter, Fox and other networks are interested in Tony Romo.

While he has no experience in the role, Romo would seem to be a natural for either the broadcast booth or studio. He has the ideal combination of the right look, good eloquence, and notoriety that networks look for.

With that said, as long as Romo has confidence in his health, his focus should be on playing again. While announcing jobs generally pay well, he wouldn’t earn the kind of money that he’d make as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

Nothing has happened as of yet, but Romo is certain to land a starting job somewhere. A number of NFL teams (including a few contenders) have rather glaring needs under center.

Still, it must be nice for Romo to know that, when his career is over, another job in football will be there for him,

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