WATCH: Ken Griffey Jr. took an Indycar ride with legend Mario Andretti

Ken Griffey Jr.

This isn’t exactly news that can determine the outcome to your day, but two legends recently spent the day together and that’s important, right?

Hall of Fame outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. met with racing legend Mario Andretti, and “The Kid” got to experience being a passenger to one of the most well-known Indycar racers in history.

Junior, of course, didn’t drive after being asked, but Andretti hit the gas between 218 and 227 mph in speed.

Not surprisingly, Junior was a bit fearful of the event.

“I’m going to keep my eyes closed for all 14 turns,” he said.

Don’t blame him at all. Andretti has one multiple Gran Prix, so it’s best to let him do the job he does so well. And Junior is precious cargo.

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