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WATCH: Deshaun Watson goes helicopter on double-whammy hit

Can Deshaun Watson separate himself from the pack at the combine?
Michael Dixon
Written by Michael Dixon

Deshaun Watson nearly had a first down for Clemson, but Alabama defenders Reuben Foster and Minkah Fitzpatrick had other ideas.

Facing a third-and-15, Watson took off to run. For 14 yards, it looked like he would pick it up. But Foster and Fitzpatrick made it clear that it was not to be, stopping Watson in spectacular fashion.

The run was similar to John Elway’s famous helicopter run in Super Bowl XXXII. The only difference is that Elway got the first down. Watson did not.

The Tigers have made the 17-14 game more interesting. But thanks to plays like this one, the Crimson Tide continue to lead that they’ve had for most of the game.

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