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Panthers QB Cam Newton visits sick child in hospital

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton
Michael Dixon
Written by Michael Dixon

Cam Newton was busy in the days immediately after the Carolina Panthers’ Week 16 game. He had to completely make the day of Taylor Deckard, a 10-year-old boy with a “severe heart condition.”

It’s hard to not get at least a little emotional seeing Taylor’s reaction to meeting Newton.

For his part, Newton seems to be connected to these children in a big way.

This is a side of Newton that doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention. While people are worried about his end-zone celebrations and outfits, Newton does an awful lot for those in need.

At Thanksgiving, that meant hooking 800 underprivileged children up with a big meal. At Christmas, it means granting a sick child’s wish.

Even in a cynical world, it’s hard to see that as anything but good.

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