NFL Hate Map Shows Seahawks and 49ers Among the Most Disliked

An interesting new NFL map, which depicts what teams are hated in specific regions of the United States and the world, was just recently released. There aren’t a ton of surprises here, but it’s still rather interesting to look at (h/t  SB Nation). 

As you can see above, the entire west coast of the United States is filled with fans who either hate the 49ers or the Seahawks. That’s definitely to be expected, especially considering their heated rivalry. It shows San Francisco being the most-hated in the pacific northwest region as well as a little bit more in multiple states further east.

You will also notice that Seattle is the most-hated in states that surround California to the east.

Again, that was all to be expected.

I am more intrigued by the Pittsburgh Steelers being the most-hated team in Arizona while the Philadelphia Eagles take that distinction in Texas. Why do these two southwestern states have issues with Pennsylvania? I would love it if someone could answer that question for me. Well, outside of the fact that Cowboys fans simply can’t stand the Eagles.

Then you have the state of Florida showing disdain for the New England Patriots. This could very well be about the existence of the Miami Dolphins in Florida as well as the influx of retired New Yorker’s who take refuge there.

The world map is even more interesting.

As you can see, San Francisco takes the cake in North America, but what is it about the 49ers that makes those living in Australia hate them so much? That will probably be an age-old question that will never be answered.

South America’s most-hated team is the New England Patriots, while the Dallas Cowboys are not exactly well liked in Africa.

My biggest question here is why the Baltimore Ravens are hated in Europe?

The one common theme here is that most of the teams that are hated throughout the United States and the world are those who have most recently had success in the NFL. Why would anyone go out of there way to hate the Oakland Raiders or Cleveland Browns? With success comes a certain amount of envy.

In any event, this was something we figured would be interesting to pass along.

Photo: USA Today

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