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Gallery: Sexy Female Fans For All 32 NFL Teams

Rachel Wold
Written by Rachel Wold

What would the NFL be without its devoted fans? Even adding more spice to our NFL games are the die-hard female fans, who sometimes stop at nothing to represent their favorite team.

Here is a gallery of hot women fans dressed or undressed showing team spirit for each one of our 32 NFL Teams. Have fun finding the sexy fan for your favorite NFL team(s), and enjoy the others while you are at it.

1. Arizona Cardinals Wine and a romantic fire anyone?

Courtesy: Blogspot.com
Hot Arizona Cardinals Fan

2. Atlanta Falcons Fine example of “Hotlanta”

Courtesy: pinimg.com
Hotlanta Fan

3. Baltimore Ravens This will keep your mind off all that Ray Rice drama.

Courtesy: cdn.bleacherreport.com
Ravens Fan

4. Buffalo Bills Girls look good in the gear too.

Courtesy: coedbc.files.wordpress.com
Bills Fans

5. Carolina Panthers These are two ways to rock those jerseys

Courtesy: 2.bp.blogspot.com
Panthers Fans

6. Chicago Bears I think she’s ready to hike

Courtesy: bikinimelt.com
Bears Fan

7. Cincinnati Bengals Hopefully she’ll remember her jeans before she leaves

Courtesy: bp.blogspot.com
Hot Bengals Fan

8. Cleveland Browns Think Johnny Manziel would approve?

Courtesy: ridesbeerbabes.com
Hot Browns Fan

9. Dallas Cowboys Hey, now this looks better than actually attending a Dallas game

Courtesy: 4.bp.blogspot.com
Dallas Cowboys Bikini Fan

10. Denver Broncos Not sure she will make it to the game at this rate

Courtesy: Coedbcfiles.wordpress.com
Broncos Fan

11. Detroit Lions I’m pretty sure this violates some type of dress code. But who cares?

Courtesy: 2.bp.blogspot.com
Calvin Johhson Fan

12. Green Bay Packers It must be warm in Green Bay this time of year

Courtesy: Blogspot.com
Avid Packers Fan

13. Houston Texans Probably glad that Matt Schaub is in Oakland now

Courtesy: coedbc.files.wordpress
Hot Houston Fan


14. Indianapolis Colts Someone has invaded the Colts locker room. Too bad.

Courtesy: techbeerbabes.com
Colts Female Fans

15. Jacksonville Jaguars Florida is for bikinis, you know

Courtesy: coedbcfiles.wordpress.com
Go Jaguars

16. Kansas City Chiefs I’m liking the red hair matching the helmet

Courtesy: 1.bp.blogspot.com
Kansas City Chiefs Fan

17. Miami Dolphins Speaking of helmets, this should keep her safe at the game, right?

Courtesy: 2.bp.blogspot.com
Hot Dolphins Fan

18. Minnesota Vikings Beyond excited that Minnesota gets to host Super Bowl LII

Courtesy: 4.bp.blogspot.com
Nerdy Vikings Fan

19. New England Patriots Definitely looks better in Tom Brady’s number than he does

Courtesy: 3.bp.blogspot.com
Patriots Fan

20. New Orleans Saints This gets my vote for creative logo display

Courtesy: coedbc.files.wordpress.com
Hardcore Saints Fan

21. New York Giants She is going to freeze her butt off at Metlife

Courtesy: coedbcfiles.wordpress.com
New York Giants Fan

22. New York Jets This brings new meaning to the term “butt fumble”

Courtesy: meatbeerbabes.com
That’s a Jets Fan

23. Oakland Raiders Jessica Alba, in case you didn’t notice

Courtesy: Photobucket.com
Jessica Alba in Raiders Bikini

24. Philadelphia Eagles Thrilled that Mark Sanchez is now an Eagle

Courtesy: 2.bp.blogspot.com
Eagles Fan

25. Pittsburgh Steelers Is anyone even paying attention to the game?

Courtesy: smiteahippie.com
Pittsburgh Fans

26. St. Louis Rams She sure is No. 1

Courtesy: coedmagazine.files.wordpress.com
No. 1 Rams Fan

27. San Diego Chargers Who doesn’t love California girls?

Courtesy: i.cdn.turner.com
Hot Chargers Fans

28. San Francisco 49ers Not looking in a hurry to get to that game is she?

Courtesy: 31.media.tumblr.com
49ers Lover

29. Seattle Seahawks Probably going to get a little chilly in that Seattle drizzle

Courtesy: 3.bp.blogspot.com
Seahawks Fan

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers More locker room eye candy

Courtesy: 2.bp.blogspot.com
Bucs Fan

31. Tennessee Titans Waiting for a ride to the game, perhaps?

Courtesy: sportsbeerbabes.com
Titans Fan

32. Washington Redskins Again, not in much of a rush to actually get to the football game

Courtesy: 4.bp.blogspot.com
Washgington Redskins Lover

Hopefully you enjoyed this gallery of lovely women. Who was your favorite sexy NFL fan? Please do tell.

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