Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo Kills Another Texas Sporting Event

Rachel Wold
Written by Rachel Wold

Game 4 of the Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs was a close one, but the Spurs managed to make things even in the round of playoffs by beating the Mavericks at home, 93-89. The Mavericks loss could very well be blamed on Tomy Romo, at least according to some. 

So where does the Dallas Cowboys quarterback fit in? Romo, along with sidekick, Jason Witten were in attendance at last night’s Mavericks-Spurs game.

Not only was Romo at this game as the Mavericks suffered a loss, he has been at other pro and amateur events over the past few months where the home team eventually suffered a lost.

I’m not sure you can call Romo responsible for ruining his own team, but here are other sporting events in Texas that Romo attended where the home team ended their season early.

It all started with Romo’s partner in crime, Jason Garrett, at an SMU basketball game from February.

Then there was that infamous Duke game back in March where Romo attended with Dallas coach Jason Garrett. Even though Duke surprisingly won this game, a curse was put into place, and eight days later, Duke lost the ACC title to Virginia.

The next game doomed by Romo in attendance was this Dallas Stars game.

Finally, even the Indiana Pacers lost this past week because of their new coach in this awesome TV blunder.

Tony Romo TV Mistake

So, what can we do to get Romo to stop attending these local games and causing pain and loss? If we had the solution to that, the Dallas Cowboys would have a solution to actually making it to playoffs. Unfortunately, the choke factor follows Romo around like a little dark cloud.

Homer Choking Bart AKA Jerry Jones Choking Tony Romo

Photo: Matthew Emmons, USA Today Sports

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